Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Kaba is a popular instrument played in muzik ship.

Albanian music or Muzik shqip is produced from several influences acting on it. The Northern and southern areas have different styles of music. For example –The established music of the Ghegs in the north and the Tosks in the south are different from each other. Music has changed in style and that is pronounced from the contemporary music of the Tirana and Shkoder. As early as the 1920’s a composer by the name of Fan.S.Noli has reproduced bits in Albanian classical music.

Progressive music is a result of the supremacy of Albania culturally and militarily. Muzik shqip is the harmonic mixture of southeastern European and Turkish music. It is interesting that the Albanians were successful in preserving their cultural identity in spite of the long period of oppression.

Muzik shqip can be placed in three groups. The Northern and southern traditions of music are quite distinct. While one is rough and the tone a heroic one, the Southern one is gracious and peaceful. Obscure rhythms are to be named like 3/8, 5\8,and 10\8. The first Albanian music compiling was done by Pjeter Dungu. Albanian folk vocals are a constituent of all festivities and holidays. Cradlesongs and laments also make up the muzik shqip and are sung by women alone. Epic poetry called Rapsodi Kreshnike are sung and they are accompanied by the Lahuta which is really a one string fiddle. The shepherd’s music is musical. They make use of musical instruments that are home made. It is a peculiar clarinet. The music of this clan is pensive. Muzik shqip is renowned for the funeral laments that begin with a chorus. Folk Love vocals are also a Southern Albanian custom. The Tosks are popular for their ensembles like the violins and clarinets. The city of Permet is the epitome of Musical inventions of the south. Prominent musicians like Remzi Lela and Laver Bariu have to their acknowledgment a dynasty of music.

Among the musical instruments of the southern part the kaba is known for it’s special musical sound as it is an amalgamation of many musical instruments. Albanian culture is marked by the mixture of feelings of love with constraint. A few commendable musicians of Albania are – Altin Shira, Eli Fara, Flora Gashi,Laver Bariu, Irini Qirjako and many others.

Famous and complex Albanian music owe their source to the center of korca and Tirana. Both have been capitals of Albania. Kosovo is also a home for muzik shqip. It has been broadcast far and wide by creative people like Merita Halili and Myslim Leli. Influence from Western Europe and the United States have led to the emergence of bands that play rock, and rap. Muzik shqip has not been researched wholly. It is an old treasure waiting to reach the world at large. A good composer of Albanian classical music was Mart Gjoka who was famous for his composing of several vocal and instrumental music. He utilized urban art songs and northern highland folk tunes to compose. Cesk Zadeja was considered the beginner of Albanian classical music. His composition changed from symphonies to ballets. Later muzik shqip concentrated on operas, ballets. A few musical instruments employed in Albanian music are Klarineta, Tepsia, Zumarja, Surlja,etc.

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